R.I.P. Mochi Media

2014-03-31 19:31:39 by PBMCube

I would not have been able to create online games without the help of the wonderful people at Mochi Media. They have raise me up from an aspiring game developer to date.  Research my games from 2001, you will see the growth from a new actionscript 1 then 2 programmer to an as3.  I have produced online education for the past 14 years; but, with Mochi Media and my experientation, I would have failed dramatically!

Today, I have a prominent web site ( per amazon.com and quantcast.com statistics ), many partnerships and over 39 published games.

With the death of my mother support system, I move to a new deployment --- html5 and unity.  I crave your patience as I develop and grow in this media.

Nice April's Fools Joke

2009-04-01 10:47:39 by PBMCube

This is too funny; nice April's Fools!!

6 Games Launched

2009-03-13 19:12:58 by PBMCube

Happy to says that we've launched 6 new games on the I (that's Internet). We've created 15 and are now in the process of migrating everything on the I.

we are happy to announce that we have updated our flash games arcade site www.pbmcube.com . we have over 12,000 games total!